Crippling Monthly Expenses


Powerful Financial Assets?


You Might Want To Ask Yourself,


 Could They Ever Be One And The Same?


After paying your usual household expenses each month, do you have any money left?  Or are you like my wife and I used to be, and still have month left over at the end of your money


Not so long ago, Deb and I spent pretty much everything we earned every month on necessary expenses. You know, those essential things like gasoline, groceries, clothing, household items, pharmacy stuff, dry cleaning, home repairs, and maybe even eating out occasionally. By the end of most months, there was nothing left for us. I'm talking about not even having a few extra dollars for entertainment, a weekend getaway, or those little special things I wanted to get for Deb. There was definitely nothing to put away for our retirement- and that concerned us a lot.


Then we discovered a fascinating program, and all this changed. What I mean is - WE didn't change...we didn't have to. We didn't even change our spending habits. We kept buying all the same things we had been buying every month anyway, usually from the same merchants where we always shopped. But all of a sudden we started getting money (cash) back from every purchase we made, plus additional long-term benefits (even more money) that continue to grow and grow.


This has been amazing to watch. Money started accumulating in our bank account the first week, and the balance gets larger every time we buy something . Deb calls this plan, Shopping Magic - and she's right. How else would you describe a system where you get paid every time you buy the same things you've already been buying anyway, when you've never received any money back before?

It’s sorta like walking along a path you’ve been taking everyday for years, but suddenly you find $10 or $20 or $100 bills scattered along that path, just waiting for you to pick them up. Now I understand what people mean by the term, "Found Money." The money has been there all the time - for years. We just never got any of it before. Somebody had to show us how to spot it and pick it up.


So exactly how does this work? Okay, let me explain. You know how places like Sam’s Club and Costco have annual membership fees of about $45 to $75 per year, and then you get a discount when you buy from one of their stores?

Well, the company I'm with has NO membership fee. We’re not even restricted to buying from one specific merchant or one particular store. 

Merchants all over the world give us cash back on every purchase we make—on things such as gasoline, groceries, clothing, eating out, pharmacy items, travel, and more. Pretty much everything we buy every month anyway. We've partnered with hundreds of top merchants in the U.S. and Canada and around the world. You'll recognize the names as soon as I show you who they are. With some merchants we shop online. With others, we go directly to the stores themselves.


You see, our company is the largest shopping network in the world today. With nearly 3 million members, our company negotiates with merchants of all sizes to give our members a significant discount and cash back whenever we shop with them. In return, the merchants gain more loyal customers because our members shop regularly with the ones who give us 1) the most cash back, 2) nice discounts, and 3) loyalty benefits (more money) that grow and accumulate to create significant long-term incomes for us.

Why would merchants do this? Because they acquire new customers without having to pay out big advertising dollars, so they increase their sales and save money. In turn, they share these savings by giving our members cash back and great discounts. Our members become very loyal customers for these merchants who give back to us. The result is that we win and the merchants win. 


But wait! There's even more! What do you think happens if I recommend somebody to our system, so they can save money and make money too?

The answer is, I make even more money.

To explain, let's say I recommend Alice. By the way, I don't get paid simply for recommending Alice. But when Alice starts shopping and saving money on the things she purchases, our company pays me 1/2% of everything Alice spends with merchants through our system. And remember, it's free for Alice to become a member.

So what happens if Alice recommends our system to Bill? Then whenever Bill becomes a free member and starts saving money on his monthly purchases, Alice receives 1/2% of everything Bill spends through our system.

AND get this - I also receive 1/2% of what Bill spends.

This is called a friendship bonus and is paid to Alice AND to me.

If this weren't enough, for anyone who wants to build a serious home business, there are 10 Total Ways to earn money by helping other people save and earn money.  We also earn money when we enlist local merchants and help them increase their business. The more people we help, the more money we earn.


So, where does all this money come from?

From the merchants. When one of our members spends money with a merchant, that merchant pays our company a small percentage of the amount our member has just paid them.  Our company takes out a small percentage of that amount for operating costs and charitable contributions, and then pays the remainder back to our members. The merchant only pays when one of our members buys something from them. And remember, our members are spending this same money every month anyway. They don't have to change what they're already doing, or buy anything they were not going to buy anyway. 

This is the only business model I have ever heard of that enables us to convert our typical monthly expenses (Liabilities) into Powerful Financial Assets. It really is like magic.


Can you see how this system could make a marvelous difference for you and your family? Are you ready to save and earn money on shopping that you're already going to do anyway this month and every month? And on the monthly shopping and saving that your friends are doing as well?


For more information or to get started, enter your name, email address, and a working phone number in the little box below and I'll show you how to take advantage of our amazing system. Remember, it's free to join. Our company has no sign-up fees, no minimum purchase requirments, no monthly or yearly renewal fees, no unexpected membership fees or surprise charges in the future, and no auto-ship requirements.


NOTE: I insist on a working phone number for a very good reason. You probably already know that I'm a retired surgeon and a successful Internet Marketer. I enjoy helping good people with honorable values.

I don't have to tell you that our economy stinks today, and it's getting worse every month. My mission for the forseeable future consists of helping people who are concerned about taking care of themselves and their families, and I'm particular about who I spend my time with. If you are serious, I can show you how to save and earn money on purchases that you're already makiing every month.. 

For the person who's also interested in developing an additional stream of income , I can show you how to earn a very nice monthly income working part-time from home. You can do either or both - save and earn money for your family, or work your own business - that's entirely up to you. I don't push people. I don't try to convince anyone of anything. But until you tell me what you want to accomplish, how will I know if I can help you?

In my world this requires a brief phone conversation - like Real people used to have. If you're a real person, then put your name, email address, and working phone number into the box below and let's discuss what you are looking for. This plan may be right for you. It may not. Let's find out


Oh and by the way - Deb and I don't worry anymore about having enough money for a secure retirement. We'll have money coming in long after we decide to stop working.


Dr Charlie

Charles Smithdeal, MD (ret)

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